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Neo Latex Sauna Short Torso Waist Trainer #2042

  • $ 59.99


Get  a flat stomach and defined waist ! The only waist training waist cincher in the market made with internal neoprene and outer latex material with flexi rods fr waist shaping .

This short torso waist training waist cincher has been made highest quality standards , It is short only covers our midsection , Not recommend if you have lower abdominal fat .

How does the Neo Latex Sauna waist trainer work ?

  • The neo latex sauna waist trainer compresses, Cushions ,Supports your lower back , Abdominal muscles and shapes your waist while retaining therapeutic heat. A s a result this waist trainer will not only help you get rid of stubborn belly fat but it will also shape your waist , So you will go from boxy shape to an hourglass figure in 30 days ( consistency is key , balanced diet , and daily exercising will also help you see results quicker)
  • This neo latex waist trainer will help correct your posture which will benefit your back and spine.
  • This neo latex waist trainer with neoprene sweat technology & its heating during use creates your own personal sauna ,The heat caused by the neoprene inner layer will help you get rid of that stubborn muffin top , lower pouch and overall excess belly fat .

Why is this Waist trainer so effective for working out ?

 When you use this waist cincher for working out or exercising , You will improve your work out and you will see you can get the max out of each work out ,When your working out your muscles need to be warm to work and to get stronger by using this neo latex waist trainer your muscles are kept warm meaning you can burn stomach fat easily .




  • Slims your waist
  • Tones your muscles
  • Supports your lower back 
  • Corrects your posture 
  • Portable sauna
  • Lose up to 4 inches in 30 days 


  • Latex with inner neoprene material 
  • Flexi rods
  • 3 row of adjustments 
  • Short torso only covers mid section 

    This Neo Latex Sauna Waist Trainer promotes fat burning by preserving body heat & stimulating water loss during exercise .

    No excuses ladies ! Start waist training today get in shape and define your waist !


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