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Body Shapers

Introducing our exquisite Body Shapers Collection, a symphony of grace and confidence. Elevate your elegance with our range of shapewear, tailored to embrace your curves and empower your allure. Discover the pinnacle of femininity with our Body Shapers for Women, meticulously designed to contour and enhance your natural beauty. For those seeking refined poise, our Waist Shapers define grace, sculpting a silhouette that echoes your strength. Crafted for comfort, each piece in this collection embodies sophistication and self-assurance. Redefine your presence, celebrate your uniqueness, and step into a world where every curve tells a story of strength and allure.

Control Shaping Seamless Dress #1234


$ 49.99

Extra Firm Control Panty Bodyshaper #1012


from$ 69.99

Faja Strapless Knee Length #F507

Pretty Girl Curves

$ 89.99

Fajas D Prada With side zipper #09046

Pretty Girl Curves

$ 115.00

Fajas D Prada Seamless BodyShaper #09197

Pretty Girl Curves

from$ 80.00

Felissa Boy Short Faja Shaper #6166


$ 94.99