PostPartum Shapewear

Our Postpartum shapers celebrate the incredible milestone with comfortable support to restore your body with confidence !!

Unfortunately, most women are unhappy with there bodies after giving birth and a lot of times it’s because of the weight gain, the stretch marks and other changes that come with pregnancy, Because our body goes through a drastic change , We usually recommend after you give birth if it is natural birth you can start as soon as 2 weeks after delivery , If you are C Section we recommend to wait at least 3 weeks or unless cleared by your doctor.

A lot of new moms turn to shapewear and waist training after pregnancy as a way to boost their confidence. Obviously, we are in favor of that and we want to provide you with the inspiration to feel great about yourself. But before we into inspire you, there’s one thing we would like to mention : True Confidence and Beauty starts from the inside out. We hope you love and embrace your post-pregnancy body no matter what stage you’re at, because your body has done a miraculous thing and that thing is create a life aren't us women so amazing ,True beauty has no size or number on the scale.



Shapewear and waist trainers are a fast, simple and effective way to enhance your natural beauty and confidence—not to mention be a part of your health and fitness journey after baby.

So if you’re ready to take control of your health and feel great about yourself, here are the best tips to help you get started.

  • Start with using a shaper , waist trainer or waist training vest 
  • Eat healthy , (Breast feed did you know breast feeding helps a lot in getting rid of post baby weight ) and  Diet 
  • Daily Exercise 

 Postpartum Waist Training

If you’re not up to speed on this method, a waist trainer is a waist-cinching garment that instantly slims your waistline while you wear it and can be used in conjunction with your post-baby weight loss journey.

New moms love waist trainers because they conceal the “baby pooch” while they get back into shape—they also improve posture while you wear them and provide great motivation to eat well and work out.

For a waist trainer to be most effective, you should aim to wear it daily for at least eight hours, But we do recommend to start with 4 hours daily then as the weeks go by and you get more comfortable your increase your hours the max is 8 hours per day . While we recommend the gentle compression of a  for the first several weeks postpartum, you can switch to a firm compression everyday waist trainer once the initial swelling following childbirth has decreased (check with your doctor).

If you’ve never worn a waist trainer before, you might be surprised by just how tight it feels when you first put one on. But as long as there’s no pain or pinching, there’s no cause for alarm, it just means that it’s working! The firm compression will stimulate thermal activity in your core and help your midsection sweat more.

Daily waist training requires an adjustment period, so we recommend that you start out wearing your garment for an hour or two a day at first, slowly adding a little more at a time. You should be able to wear a waist trainer for 8–12 hours a day after about 3 or 4 weeks of dedicated wear.



We also recommend using a workout band during your fitness routines in addition to your everyday waist trainer. You’ll find that you’ll maximize the effectiveness of your workouts by sweating hard—which is what you want in order to effectively lose weight! Be sure you’re doing extensive exercise  to make the most out of your workouts.

Most waist trainers are constructed with 2–3 rows of hook-and-eye closures so that you can size down as you slim down. If you’re in the early postpartum period and still have a lot of weight to lose, you might prefer three rows so that you have more room to size down, Or a waist training vest if you are trying to target our back rolls and baby post baby belly .Always make sure that your waist trainer is properly sized. Never go a size down always follow the size chart ! If all goes well, you may need to order a smaller one after a few months.

If your favorite celebrities do it So can you ! 



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