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Stage 1 Curvy Body Post lipo & Bbl Mid thigh Faja #8446

  • $ 129.99


Searching for the perfect faja for your BBL? Our Curvy Body is designed with curves in mind- after your lipo and BBL you'll be curvier and more defined around your waist, hips, and glutes. This faja won't disappoint- you'll feel the comfort and love the contoured shape it provides right after surgery!

Curvy body fajas are focused on quality and comfort .MADE FOR BBL PROCEDURES ! After your bbl your doctor will give you a faja but not like curvy body it may be to big , or you may feel to much compression in the hip and Butt area and that is something you should avoid after your procedure , to much compression will minimize fat survival . This faja is made with curves what is curves you might be saying ? This faja is smaller on the waist and wider hip and butt area that once you put it on you will instantly feel the space and when you look at your self you will actually see your Curvy Body shape !  Offering the best Zero compression and comfort along with that it has aloe Vera for soothing and vitamin E for healing which is very good for your skin after Lipo .


  • 4 Level of Comfort Shoulder Straps: Custom straps with Added foam on the shoulder straps, so there is no pressure or pain and no need to worry if your torso is long the levels help you adjust the strap , So comfortable You’ll forget you have a faja on.


  • Curvy Body Post  Compression: Custom BBL Faja Design with Curves, Designed with a smaller waist while providing extra hip and butt space compression free. Imagine this faja like an hourglass figure you will love it when you put it on.


  •  Back & Midsection Support: When you do Lipo 360 it consist of complete sculpting of the back and midsection. Curvy body fajas has a double layer lycra added for extra back compression to help with your posture and fluid retention, when you put the faja on you will feel more secure and instantly feel better and walk better .


  • 3 Levels of Hook and Eye Closures: The three levels of hook and closures help control your swelling as your swelling goes down you will move over on the row of hooks which also helps with compression.


  • Easy Bathroom Use : Use the bathroom with out having to take off your faja which is plus right after surgery ! You will not want to take off and put on your faja when using the restroom for #1 or #2 that's a headache , Curvy body makes every bathroom trip easy for you . 



How you wash and dry your faja affects the longevity of your compression garment. To preserve your faja, you'll want to avoid washing it in  washing machine. Washing your faja in a machine can cause hooks to break , lace may rip , may cause micro-tears and excessive stretching, breaking down the faja. It's highly recommended you hand-wash your faja with soap and water And always use cold water when washing your compression garment.


How you dry your faja affects the longevity of your faja , you must air dry the faja no machine dry the drier will cause micro- tears and stretch of the material making your faja excessively lose because of heat damage , the material will lose its compression , the lace will not grip because of the heat so ladies if many have heard  dry your faja in the drier it shrinks it that is false ! you will damage it. 




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