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tummy tuck abdominal binder

Post Baby & Tummy Tuck Abdominal binder 9in

  • $ 55.00

Post baby and tummy tuck binder is ideal for controlling compression and comfort after giving birth or tummy tuck ! 

If you are planning for a tummy tuck, one thing you should not forget is to buy abdominal binders for after the tummy tuck. Abdominal binders provide support, compression, and help with healing, plus they feel comfortable after you’ve had a surgery like a tummy tuck. If you plan ahead and have your abdominal binder ready before the surgery, you’ll be all set to go home after your tummy tuck and you’ll feel better about the healing process.

So why do people use abdominal binders? And do all doctors recommend using an abdominal binder after a tummy tuck? For the most part, doctors will encourage you to use some kind of compression garment that can be worn day and night. After a tummy tuck, your body is going to be healing and re-organizing itself, to some degree. Your internal organs will be settling again and the skin will be healing according to the way that it hangs or lies most frequently. If you want your skin to heal smoothly and tightly, buy abdominal binders to wear after the tummy tuck.

There are also some benefits to the healing process internally, which you might as well take advantage of. After a surgery, your body will use the circulatory system to heal the scars and damage to skin and tissues. The body is an amazing thing. But sometimes, if there isn’t enough compression on the areas of the body where the surgery was performed, fluids can pool and even cause harm. Wearing abdominal binders ensures that circulation moves well through the area and that no pooling can occur.

Most people buy abdominal binders after a tummy tuck because they want to continue to feel bandaged and cared for. Even a common surgery like a tummy tuck is kind of a big deal, and when you head home to finish healing, you’ll probably feel a bit sore and uncomfortable. Abdominal binders hold you together, making you feel secure and comforted throughout the healing process. And you can wear them under your clothing. Most abdominal binders are designed to be almost invisible beneath your clothes, so you can go out in public while you’re healing without feeling vulnerable.

  • 9 inch Abdominal Binder features Velcro closures on individual panels that attach anywhere on the stretch material to provide precise fit and even compression. The ab binder's material is Latex free and contours over the hips and around the stomach area for compression and a snug fit for after abdominoplasty or tummy tuck surgery. Your plastic surgeon should fit you with the abdominal compression binder immediately after surgery and should be worn for several weeks for the best results. Abdominal binders help your body heal to its new shape, reduces swelling, improves blood circulation and help you recovery faster.

    Extra Fit Where It's Needed the Most

    • Velcro closure ensures a tight, snug fit
    • Latex free material
    • Stretch material contours the stomach area for contoured compression
    • Comfort, support and compression

    Small fits 30"-45", Medium fits 46"-62", Large fits 60"-75"

    For best results, we recommend wearing your abdominal binder continuously for several weeks. Purchasing two compression binders will allow you to wear one while the other is being washed.

    Suggested Usage:

    After tummy tuck, abdominoplasty. Liposuction, smart lipo, liposculpting or laser liposuction of the stomach hips and midriff. Can also be used as a postpartum abdominal support garment.

    Cleanser your compression garments with doctor recommended Variance fabric wash. Contour also recommends line drying your garments to help maintain its snug fit.

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