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easy pee post surgery urinal for women

EZ-P Female Urinal

  • $ 8.00

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After your lipo and bbl getting to and on a toilet can be a bigger pain than the actual surgery itself .

Imagine struggling to get out of bed, somehow wiggling out of an undergarment, only to struggle to find a way to use the bathroom without sitting down…. All while feeling the strong urge to “go.”

Since sitting is not an option after a BBL, it is both unpleasant and painful, we knew things had to change. That's why we created a portable urinal for women that is spill proof and funnel shaped for easy usage.


No mess EZ-P female  urinal for after surgery . This will make peeing after surgery so much easier, No mess , No dripping in you faja and No need for squatting . The no mess pee urinal is made with medical grade silicone and washable .

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Terms and Conditions


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