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How to do waist training the right way

How to Do Waist Training Right?

An equally important question to “How do waist trainers work?” is “How to do waist training right?“. Here are a few tips to remember for a pleasant and effective waist training experience:

  • Get the right size.

Don’t go for the lower size. If you’re between sizes, then go for the larger one. It’s easier to adjust a slightly bigger corset to a smaller fit, but you can’t get more room for an already small one.

  • Break your waist trainer in.

Just like your shoes, your waist trainers will need breaking in. Wear your boned waist trainers for only less than two hours a day the first few times.

  • Gradually work your way up.

From 4 to 6 hours per day, work your way up to eight hours. However, always go for a snug fit only, not too tight.

  • Complement the use of waist trainers with exercise and healthy diet.

Perform core training exercises to strengthen and tighten abdominal walls. As you adjust to eating smaller portions, you might as well rethink the types of food you eat, too.

If you’re aiming for semi-permanent to permanent results, then it’s vita to see waist trainers as a complement to exercise and healthy diet. When balanced successfully, you’ll get into a naturally curvy figure in time.


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