How to Properly Put On your Faja .

Dec 02 2018

You just had surgery and you just woke up and have a faja on , Then your at your Airbnb or recovery house and clueless ! You are new to this journey and don't know how to put your faja on , These steps will help you properly put it on . Putting a faja on is not like putting a pair of jeans or just pulling up some leggings . There are steps to making it easier for you .. FIRST-You will need to put both legs in and pull not from the lace part of the faja but...

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Can Short Women Wear Waist trainers ?

Nov 30 2018

Are you a short petit women , And can't find a waist trainer ? Here at pretty girl curves shapewear, we have shapewear for women all shapes and sizes . Throughout the years in business we figured out that there are some waist trainers that do not fit right in short women so we went ahead and created the short torso waist trainers in various styles and colors! The short torso waist trainers only cover the mid section and are very short in the front and back , There for we also recommend these for women with very small waist...

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