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Classica Latex Aggressive Waist Trainer #2025

Our popular Beige latex waist cincher, Will instantly reduce inches off your waist as soon as you put it on and corrects your posture....Read more

  • $ 60.00


The Pretty nude waist trainer is a miracle worker that is ideal for wearing bright colors because the nude color blends beautifully with other bright colors. This waist trainer instantly reduces 1-4 inches off your waist and more importantly, it burns  fatty tissue through thermogenics technology. It targets all of the annoying abdomen areas while straightening your torso for great posture instantly. Most importantly is how this waist trainer helps you discover your ideal self. This product is guaranteed to help accomplish your body image goals. From there, you will launch a domino effect that boosts your  confidence and motivation to tackle anything other goals and dreams that you want to accomplish.



  • Sculpts and slims the midsection while wearing it
  • Abdominal control
  • Upper hip slimming
  • Stimulates thermal activity
  • Improved, more confident posture during wear
  • Instantly shapes you into an hourglass figure


  • Comfort waist cincher
  • Thermal rubber latex
  • Frontal  2 row of hook-and-eye closure
  • Internal lining
  • Flexi Boning rods


Disclaimer : If you have excess back fat , Wide hips or a deep arched back this particular waist trainer is not recommended do to rolling up if you have a deep arched back or wide hips and if you have excess belly fat do to its compression the fat will be visible through clothing . In this case we recommend a vest for more full coverage back and abdominal .

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Terms and Conditions


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