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How a waist trainer or body shaper help you lose post baby weight ?

Feb 25 2018 Tags: baby weight, body shapers, new mom, post baby, Results, waist trainers, Waist training

Are you a new mom and would like to get rid of baby weight and get your sexy body back ?  Did you know the use of a waist trainers or body shapers after you have giving birth will help reduce lose baby belly , Help your muscles reposition and may help you lose weight if you diet , breast feed ( which is a major help breast feeding ) and daily excercise . Don't get discouraged after you have has your baby ladies !!!  Waist Trainers & Body Shapers help because they add compression that will help you not eat as...

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How does waist training work ?

Jul 16 2015 Tags: Diet, Fitness, Healthy lifestyle, Results, Waist training

Does Waist Training Work? The most commonly asked question about the process is “Does waist training work?” “how long does it take to get waist training results?” The answer depends on you. You will be able to get rid of some inches simply by wearing a waist trainer or waist training vest . But Pretty Girl Curves is not about mediocre results, we want you to be chase after great, long term results. Contrary to what some unscrupulous companies promise (like the permanent loss of over 4 inches simply by using the garment), you need to combine the use of the...

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